Download REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.5 – High Performance Computing

Download REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.5 - High Performance Computing 7

Title: REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.5 – High Performance Computing

Info: Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® powers the apps that run your business across bare-metal, virtual, containerized, and private and public clouds—all backed by our award-winning support. It’s just one reason why 90% of Fortune Global 500* companies choose Red Hat.

Enterprises choose many cloud, virtual, and bare-metal architectures to support their business needs while attempting to reduce the complexity, costs, and skill sets required to manage hybrid IT environments. They want to continue benefiting from their existing infrastructure and application investments while safely investing in tomorrow.

With Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, enterprises gain the control, confidence, and freedom to make the application and infrastructure decisions that make sense for them. Through the ongoing value of a subscription, enterprises gain continuous security; access to a broad ecosystem of software, hard- ware, and cloud providers; over ten years of support for each major version with the option to stan – dardize on minor versions; and a commitment to application compatibility. We continue to fulfill our customer commitment with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 that delivers enhanced security and compliance, usability at scale, continued integration with Windows infrastructure on-premise and in Microsoft Azure, new functionality for storage cost controls, and continued investment in platform manageability for Linux beginners, experts, and Microsoft Windows administrators.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 brings you enhanced interoperability, storage efficiency on-premise and in the cloud, and multiplatform support for building network-intensive applications, massively scalable data repositories, or a build-once-deploy-often solution that performs well in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
System administrators:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 has new features that help you perform advanced troubleshooting in an easy-to-use web interface and simplify security and compliance at scale and within containers, improved storage cost efficiencies for on-premise and cloud environ – ments, additional interoperability with Microsoft environments, and improvements to stability, reli- ability, and multiplatform support.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 is more than just an operating system; it provides you with a rich application infrastructure and built-in mechanisms for security, identity management, resource allocation, self-service management, and performance optimization.

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Download REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.5 - High Performance Computing 8

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Download REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.5 - High Performance Computing 9

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