Natural Childbirth From A To Z

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Published 9/2022
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Make the natural process of delivery painless and unforgettable

What you'll learn
DOs and DON'Ts during delivery
Pain relief techniques
All about contractions and what to do
Tips when in the hospital
Breathing techniques
Physiology of natural birth: signs and processes
No previous experience needed.
120 minutes of practice in preparation for your gentle, natural childbirth. Everything I've shared in these 25 videos is preciously valuable and proven to work. You just have to desire it, be motivated, and work every day with the techniques I show!This course is highly practical, as it shows you specific techniques, exercises, and tips to practice and use during the delivery process. In this course you'll learn all about the physiology of the natural childbirth process, the different types of contractions and what to do during/in between them. We will also look into the DOs and DON'Ts of natural delivery to make the process easier while learning pain-relief techniques that can help you stay calmer and braver during the process. Another important thing you'll learn in this course is the use of breathing techniques that are crucial in natural delivery to make the process go smoothly. And don't forget about the hospital! Even though the doctors and midwife are there to help you you have to be prepared and know what procedures you're entitled to! We'll talk about these, and many more topics to prepare you for the most important moment in your life: the birth of your child. I've also prepared special tips for the dads so they know how to adequately help the mom and baby!Additional materials: You also receive a handbook with synthesized birth pain relief tips.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 1. Course "Natural Childbirth from A to Z"
Lecture 2 2. How is the baby positioned in the uterus?
Lecture 3 3. How does the baby move during a contraction?
Lecture 4 4. What is a contraction and when to go to the hospital?
Lecture 5 5. Signs of delivery
Lecture 6 6. Phases of childbirth
Lecture 7 7. First key to natural childbirth: How to save the oxytocin?
Lecture 8 8. Second key to natural childbirth
Lecture 9 9. How to act at the beginning of the delivery process?
Lecture 10 10. How to breathe during a contraction?
Lecture 11 11. How to breathe in between contractions?
Lecture 12 12. How to combine the breathing techniques for the most painful contractions?
Lecture 13 13. Body position during contractions
Lecture 14 14. Body position when no contractions
Lecture 15 15. What treatments can I have in the hospital?
Lecture 16 16. What NOT TO DO during the delivery process?
Lecture 17 17. Situational breathing: When and How?
Lecture 18 18. How to prepare the perineum for the childbirth?
Lecture 19 19. How can your partner help you?
Lecture 20 20. Breathing technique during a push
Lecture 21 21. PROS and CONS of epidural anaesthesia
Lecture 22 22. If the amniotic fluid leaks
Lecture 23 23. How to communicate with your baby during the childbirth?
Lecture 24 24. How to communicate with the doctors and what questions to ask?
Lecture 25 25. "Rebozo" technique for pain relief
Lecture 26 Handbook with tips on labor pain relief
Pregnant individuals who want to give birth naturally


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