Blockchain Security Risks: Learn abt Regulations and Attacks

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Blockchain Security Risks: Learn abt Regulations and Attacks
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Blockchain Types, Blockchain Application, Blockchain attacks and security issues
What you'll learn
What is Blockchain
Blockchain security issues
Categories of blockchain
Application of blockchain
Security concerns around Blockchain
No minimum requirements to join the course
The only requirement is curiosity and passion for Blockchain security issues
Blockchain is one of the emerging technology in recent years in the field of information technology. Blockchain is a decentralized, traceable, temper proof, and trustworthy distributed database system operated by multiple nodes. Blockchain is used not only in cryptocurrency or electronic cash, but also in other applications such as financial transactions, healthcare, insurance, IoT, manufacturing, education, etc., with the promise of more skills and higher resilience. Over the past few years, a significant number of public announcements and news have been made about its goals, partnerships, development, and implementation. However, the most important aspects and discussions on issues related to blockchain security, challenges and policies have been raised around the world.
Blockchain allows for transactional data to be quickly and easily processed, which accounts for its increased popularity in various online investing markets. Additionally, it offers some important security precautions. It is very difficult for any block within a blockchain to be altered or modified, which helps prevent fraud. Additionally, identifying codes built into each block allow for transactional data to be easily traced.
Still, it's because blockchain is so popular (and because it's typically used in transactional settings) that it has become an alluring target for hackers and other cyber criminals. With this increase in popularity, a number of blockchain security issues have arisen.
While blockchain poses potential security risks, there is much that cyber security professionals can do to mitigate these threats. Security professionals who have carefully developed analytical and technical skills will be well positioned to deploy blockchain as safely as possible.
One important step for security professionals to take is to use encryption. By further encrypting the data that is transmitted through blockchain technology, cyber security professionals can help mitigate some of the innate threats. Security professionals can use their communication skills to clearly articulate potential hazards to their clients.
In this course we will learn about following concepts
Introduction to blockchain
1) What is blockchain
2) Why blockchain
Types of Blockchain
1) Public blockchain
2) Private blockchain
3) Consortium blockchain
Application of Blockchain in different sectors
1) Cryptocurrencies
2) Smart Contracts
3) Hyperledger
Security concerns around blockchain
1) 51% Attack
2) Forking issues in blockchain
3) Eclipse attack
4) Application bugs
5) Scalability issue
6) Regulation issue
Who this course is for
Blockchain enthusiastic
Cybersecurity Engineers
Cybersecurity Managers
Information security officers
Security Analysts

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