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Published 7/2022
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learn how to make your kicks look incredible, learning from industry professionals.

What you'll learn
Learn the nuances of making your kick look sharp enough for Hollywood movies
Fix common mistakes everyone makes when learning kicks
Have a good understanding of all the different types of kicks thrown on film and in martial arts in general
Common techniques and tricks used to improve simple and advanced kicks
No martial arts experience needed. We teach everything from simple front kick all the way to complex butterfly kicks.
This course is taught by Hollywood industry professionals giving you a look inside at how they learned to make their kicks work for traditional martial arts and movies. you'll learn how to make your lines look good, how to impress judges at competitions with perfect form, and improve your kicks in general. We'll break down tips and tricks you can use if you've never been able to do those fancy kicks you see from Jean-Claude Van Damme and you'll be kicking like a pro in no time. We'll be looking at learning: Tornado kick, side kick, kicking fight theory, hook kick, back kick, front kicks, spin hook kick, back kicks, butterfly kick, roundhouse kick, side kick and front kick! Basically any kick you will see in most martial arts movies. It will give you a great base to work off of and expand your kicking repertoire. Learning to kick properly isnt easy, it takes time, but we'll give you the tools to get it right.Whether you're advanced or a beginner we go from basics to advanced versions of kicks so you are well-rounded. The course is taught by industry professionals with real world experience. Don't miss out on this course because it's rare to get in front of people with this kind of talent.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Basic Kicks
Lecture 2 Front kick: Part 1
Lecture 3 Front Kick: Part 2
Lecture 4 Roudhouse Kick: Part 1
Lecture 5 Roundhouse Kick: Part 2
Lecture 6 Side kick: Part 1
Lecture 7 Side Kick: Part 2
Section 3: Intermediate Kicks
Lecture 8 Back kick: Part 1
Lecture 9 Back kick: Part 2
Lecture 10 Hook Kick
Lecture 11 Rear Hook Kick
Section 4: Advanced Kicks
Lecture 12 Tornado kick
Lecture 13 Spin hook kick
Lecture 14 Butterfly kick
Lecture 15 Kick Theory
People trying to make their martial arts kicks looks sharp either for movies or for traditional martial arts in general.

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