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Twitter Marketing - Generate 250 Highly Targeted Twitter Followers Every Week, Increase Traffic and Generate Leads
What you'll learn
Get Your First 100 Followers Fast
Know Exactly The Formula Behind Writing Tweets
Develop A Daily 23 Minute Routine To Achieve All The Course Objectives Through Consistency
Build A Targeted Following Of 250 A Week Without Using Robots
Effortlessly Find Content To Tweet About And Do It Efficiently
Understand The Different Ways Of Retweeting And How It Helps You
Know The Fundamental Social Media Principles That Can Be Applied To Twitter
Access To Dozens Of 3rd Party Tools That Make Your Twitter Use More Efficient
Retain Your Followers By Consistently Engaging Them & Periodically Declutter Your Follow List
Schedule Your Tweets & Analyse Your Followers Log-in Times For Maximum Tweet Impact
Use Analytics To Understand Your Tweeting Activity
Understand Twitter Ads
Use Twitter Effectively To Network, Boost Event Participation, Build Local Followings & Other Twitter For Business Features
Know that I have high expectations. Only take this course if you are ready for the challenge.
A Twitter account
Nice to have: A smartphone
13,000+ Students have enrolled in my 13 Courses!The 4.8 Rating from student reviews shows the value packed in this course!
Twitter is one of the most important Social Media platforms out there - and with a few hundreds of millions of users, its impact can be significant. Everybody on the platform is in a race to acquire Twitter followers, but not many people sit down and think if they are actually effective - are they bringing in targeted followers or are they just contributing to the Twitter noise?
1,000 Targeted Twitter Followers Guarantee: Commit to following the step-by-step course & I personally GUARANTEE you will reach 1,000 TARGETED Twitter Followers within the next 30 Days with my "Twitter Jumprope Blueprint", otherwise I will personally train you.
I have consistently applied the Jumprope Blueprint and have generated over 1,000 targeted followers in just 30 days! In fact, proof of that is included as a FREE lecture at the beginning of the course. What's more, I didn't spend more than 23 minutes every day doing this. Can you do it in 30 days as well?
From 0 to 1,000 followers in about 30 days. Real results achieved following the blueprints outlined in this course.
Wondering what are the potential benefits of Twitter? Well, real-life examples show that you can .
Build a 2,000 subscribers email list through traffic generated on Twitter in just a few months Earn $100 per tweet as an Influencer from tweeting sponsored messages to your large following Rack up $7937 in Revenues and a 198% ROI through the clever use of Twitter Ad Campaigns
Many people expect that a Twitter Marketing course will give them an easy & automatic way to exponentially grow their follower base with minimum effort - say 10 minutes a week. If that description fits you, then this course might NOT be suitable for you.
Only continue to read & take this course if you aren't looking for fake shortcuts such as buying 1,000s of worthless Twitter followers off of Fiverr, using robots or posting dozens of irrelevant day tweets resulting in absolutely zero engagement from your followers. We will only focus on REAL results that take you to the next level.
In this course you will learn:
The Twitter Jump Rope Blueprint: How to get 250+ real, targeted followers every week and engage with them on a daily basis
Twitter Performance Tracking Template: Keep track of these key indicators to evaluate your engagement levels and take action to progress further
The Corporate Twitter Blueprint: Network with Influencers in your field, communicate with anyone, establish valuable leads and...
Twitter for 6-Figure Entrepreneurs: Exploit Twitter's "hidden" features such as packing events with 100s of people, driving Twitter traffic to local businesses, setting up profitable Twitter Ad campaigns, automating your company's Customer Service with an edge and many many other future BONUS lectures.
Have a look right now at the Course Trailer and Preview lectures. The course is full with:
- Engaging videos with a production quality that is top notch for Udemy standards
- The step-by-step Twitter Jumprope Blueprint to facilitate your progress on the platform
- A variety of PDFs and Screenshares to further your learning process and help you achieve the outcomes you desire
I will be consistently introducing BONUS videos to add to the existing content. Some of the topics I will cover in the near future include
Networking in 140 Characters How to Retarget potential leads with Twitter Outsource your Twitter Jumprope routine
The 1,000 Targeted Twitter Followers Guarantee
I am extremely confident that if you follow my guidelines you will achieve this mark in less than 30 days! What's more, I'll guarantee it. If it doesn't happen, I will personally commit to training you to achieve your objectives which can include
1 to 1 Skype conversations to see your objectives and determine your overall strategy I will teach you how to find quality content specific to your niche and show you how to tweet it with the least amount of effort I will identify the people you should be targeting on Twitter and generate a significant increase in the following of your account by minimum 200 new followers/week
Are you ready to jumpstart your Twitter evolution? Can you commit to consistently take action?
If yes, then TAKE this course NOW and get ready to achieve significant and measurable results in no time!
Section 1: Introductory Section
Lecture 1 Objectives & Expectations
Lecture 2 Important: Let's Get To Know Each Other!
Lecture 3 Here's my 1,000+ Follower growth in a month!
Section 2: Twitter Basics - What You Really Need to Know
Lecture 4 Introduction to Twitter Basics
Lecture 5 3 Essential Aspects of your Twitter Account
Lecture 6 How to Make a Strong Sales Pitch: Your Bio & Cover Photo
Lecture 7 10 Awesome Twitter Bios
Lecture 8 How to Get Your First 100 Followers
Lecture 9 Beginner's Guide: Twitter Terminology
Lecture 10 5 Tricks When Writing a Tweet
Lecture 11 9 "Fill in the blanks" Tweet Templates
Lecture 12 How to Effortlessly Find Content to Tweet
Lecture 13 Twitter Equilibrium: The 80-20 Principle
Lecture 14 Do This Before Moving On!
Section 3: Twitter Behaviour & Nuances
Lecture 15 The Art of Retweeting
Lecture 16 Jun '15 Update: Retweeting with Quote
Lecture 17 20 Most Retweetable Words
Lecture 18 How to Win Friends on Twitter
Lecture 19 How To Rock Hashtags
Lecture 20 Understanding Favourites
Lecture 21 How to: Using Pocket
Lecture 22 What Everybody Should Know about Social Media
Section 4: This is The Right Approach to Building a Following on Twitter
Lecture 23 This is Not How You Should Automate Twitter
Lecture 24 Warning: Do Not Buy Followers
Lecture 25 How To Build a Following the Right Way
Lecture 26 Getting Smart with Targeting your Followers
Lecture 27 How to: Using Topsy & Twellow
Lecture 28 How to Stop People from Unfollowing You
Lecture 29 How to: Using
Lecture 30 2 Ways to Declutter your Following List
Lecture 31 What to do with Twitter Lists
Lecture 32 How to: Create & Manage Twitter Lists
Lecture 33 Recap Video
Section 5: Twitter Jumprope Blueprint
Lecture 34 My 3 Part Formula to Twitter Automation
Lecture 35 Twitter 3rd Party Tools
Lecture 36 2 Smart Tools to Schedule Content
Lecture 37 How to: Schedule Tweets using Hootsuite & Buffer
Lecture 38 Epic Formula to Optimise your Tweet Times
Lecture 39 How to: Optimise tweet times using SocialBro
Lecture 40 2 Creative Ways to Automate Content
Lecture 41 How to: Automate content with Twitterfeed & IFTTT
Lecture 42 The Twitter Jumprope Blueprint
Lecture 43 Twitter Jumprope Blueprint
Lecture 44 Measuring your Progress
Lecture 45 How to: Evaluate Progress with Klout & Twitter Analytics
Lecture 46 Important: This Will Only Take You 2 Minutes
Section 6: Twitter for Business
Lecture 47 Introduction to Twitter for Business
Lecture 48 Beginner's Guide: Twitter Ads
Lecture 49 Twitter & Local Businesses
Lecture 50 Targeting via GeoLocation
Lecture 51 Case Study: Networking on Twitter
Lecture 52 Do You Know the 5 Steps to using Twitter for Events?
Lecture 53 Making your Blog/Website More Interactive
Lecture 54 9 Steps for Excellent Twitter Customer Service
Section 7: Audio Lectures
Lecture 55 Why Audio Lectures?
Lecture 56 Audio #1: Objectives & Expectations
Lecture 57 Audio #2: Introduction To Twitter Basics
Lecture 58 Audio #3: 3 Essential Aspects Of Your Twitter Account
Lecture 59 Audio #4: How To Make A Strong Sales Pitch - Your Bio & Cover Photo
Lecture 60 Audio #5: How To Get Your First 100 Followers
Lecture 61 Audio #6: Beginner's Guide - Twitter Terminology
Lecture 62 Audio #7: 5 Tricks When Writing A Tweet
Lecture 63 Audio #8: How To Effortlessly Find Content To Tweet
Lecture 64 Audio #9: The 80-20 Principle Applied To Twitter
Lecture 65 Audio #10: The Art Of Retweeting
Lecture 66 Audio #11: How To Win Friends On Twitter
Lecture 67 Audio #12: How To Rock Hashtags
Lecture 68 Audio #13: Understanding Favourites
Lecture 69 Audio #14: What Everybody Should Know About Social Media
Lecture 70 Audio #15: This Is Not How You Should Automate Twitter
Lecture 71 Audio #16: Warning - Do Not Buy Followers
Lecture 72 Audio #17: Getting Smart With Targeting Your Followers
Lecture 73 Audio #18: How To Stop People From Unfollowing You
Lecture 74 Audio #19: 2 Ways To Declutter Your Following List
Lecture 75 Audio #20: What To Do With Twitter Lists
Lecture 76 Audio #21: Recap
Lecture 77 Audio #22: My 3 Part Formula To Twitter Automation
Lecture 78 Audio #23: 2 Smart Tools To Schedule Content
Lecture 79 Audio #24: Epic Formula To Optimise Your Tweet Times
Lecture 80 Audio #25: 2 Creative Ways To Automate Content
Lecture 81 Audio #26: The Twitter Jumprope Blueprint
Lecture 82 Audio #27: Measuring Your Progress
Lecture 83 Audio #28: Introduction To Twitter For Business
Lecture 84 Audio #29: Beginner's Guide - Twitter Ads
Lecture 85 Audio #30: Twitter & Local Businesses
Lecture 86 Audio #31: Do You Know The 5 Steps To Using Twitter For Events?
Lecture 87 Audio #32: Making Your Blog/Website More Interactive
Lecture 88 Audio #33: 9 Steps For Excellent Twitter Customer Service
The course starts with the basics and goes into advanced techniques to use Twitter. The only thing I ask is commitment to take action and follow the Blueprint that is laid out,NOT suited for anybody who wants an easy way into Twitter followers i.e. buying followers, using robots to automate Twitter, tweeting a lot of irrelevant & un-engaging content

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